Environmental Health Nursing

A specialty practice that provides and delivers health and safety services to employees, employee populations, and community groups is Environmental health nursing. Environmental Health Nurses work on improving the health of an entire population instead of on caring for a single patient at a time. The health risks of Environmental pollution include diseases in almost all organ systems in which air and water pollution control links with diarrheal diseases, respiratory diseases in children and adults, cancers, neurological disorders, and cardiovascular disease. The fertilizers we drown our crops in are polluting the underground water in these areas, as well as the water bodies. The impact of air, water and food pollution is heavy in the climate change. To have a healthier environment we have to reduce unnecessary exposures to commonly used chemicals or other hazardous substances.



  • Track 17-1Environmental health and Safety management
  • Track 17-2Food, air and water pollution
  • Track 17-3Types of diseases & disorders
  • Track 17-4Efforts to reduce environment exposure
  • Track 17-5Environmental changes and its impact on health